Our LifeDesign banking approach gets you where you want to be.

lifedesign banking

All of Our Financial Decisions Make a Difference.

The big ones help shape the future. The small ones add up fast. In order to get where you want to be, you need to be able to see what’s ahead.

LifeDesign helps you get there, with the clarity you need to make positive choices. We start with your goals in mind and work backward to find the right solution today to shape a better tomorrow.

It’s a small moment together that makes the difference between getting something that might work, and getting it right.

  • Clarity

    We’ll help you see what’s ahead to make better decisions today.

  • Confidence

    Make informed choices that can help shape a better tomorrow.

  • From a bank that cares

    LifeDesign is the banking approach that gets you where you want to be.

Life is full of complexity. We believe your bank should help, not add to it.

This is LifeDesign Banking.

It’s easy to feel like all banks are the same, but what if a bank actually cared?

It could do more than just save you a few dollars a month. It would help you understand your options and trust your decisions.

Fidelity Bank is the bank that cares.

With our LifeDesign approach, you get the clarity you need to make sound financial decisions, so you feel confident knowing you’re getting where you want to be.

fidelity care process

This is how we deliver LifeDesign Banking.

Our 4-step C.A.R.E methodology is how we deliver LifeDesign. We start with understanding where you are. We explore together where you want to go. Then, we recommend options and solutions that can help you accomplish your goals. Just like that smart friend who always seems to know what to do, we will help you make sound decisions for you, your business and your family.

Finally, you have a bank that you can rely on being committed to the clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

  • Connect

    The connect phase assures we ask the right questions and dig into your unique situation before jumping to solutions – assuring that we can move forward with clarity and confidence.

  • Analyze

    Our analyze phase we put the LifeDesign Banking approach to work, using our expertise to identify the best possible options.

  • Recommend

    Now that we’ve identified your needs and assessed your options, our recommend phase outlines how we can help you accomplish your goals.

  • Execute

    Our execute phase puts our agreed-upon recommendations into action.

Move forward with the confidence that comes from making a well-informed decision

The bank’s responsiveness, commitment, and amazing turnaround in receiving PPP funding has truly given us peace of mind. We are truly thankful to have the Fidelity Bank team as partners.

The Fidelity Bank PPP process was handled with great clarity and quickness. We really appreciate all that the bank did for us. It certainly reaffirms our recent decision to go with Fidelity Bank.

Smart Decisions Erase Uncertainty

We all want to feel confident about our financial decisions. When we don’t, doubt and uncertainty make us feel like we got it wrong. LifeDesign makes certain that doesn’t happen.

We look at the options together and find what’s right for you. It leads to smart decisions, and erases uncertainty. You walk away knowing why the path you’ve chosen is the right one for you. It’s the confidence you want from a bank that cares.

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