Fidelity Bank…

A Bank with a Heart

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Fidelity Bank is here for one reason: to help families, individuals, and businesses in our communities get where they want to be. We do this by delivering clarity and confidence, with our unique LifeDesign approach to banking, to those we serve. By committing to a shared mission, vision, and set of values, we consistently strive to be the most caring bank in the community.

Our Mission

To our clients, communities, and colleagues, we say:

Like smart friends, we care deeply about your well-being and we will use our hearts and our heads to deliver the clarity and confidence you need to get where you want to be.

In pursuit of this mission, we will focus on the following priorities:


We care about the success and well-being of the diverse families, businesses, non-profits, and individuals we serve and will help them get to where they want to be.


We are committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve by making positive financial, social, and environmental impacts. We intentionally build opportunities and pathways to success for the underrepresented members of our community.


We cultivate a caring and authentic environment where each of us has real influence on the success of our business, is recognized and rewarded, and has fun while achieving a healthy work/life balance. We ensure that every individual in our organization clearly and confidently knows that he/she/they have a valid and meaningful voice, perspective, and opportunity.

Our Vision

We will be a known as the most caring, trusted, and respected source of financial guidance and solutions in the communities we serve.


Displaying kindness for others by listening, practicing and showing empathy, putting others’ needs first, and acting with thoughtful attention to detail.


To have earned firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character. We will earn the trust of all our stakeholders by applying the best skills and intentions to do the right thing in every circumstance.


Our integrity, expertise, and the care we employ to benefit our clients, business partners, colleagues, and communities will set a new bar for the community banking industry and earn the respect of all who know us.

Our Values

We treat everyone with respect and #CARE

• We demonstrate a genuine concern for others.
• We value the differences in people and are committed to treating others the way they want to be treated.
• We practice empathy toward each of our clients, colleagues, and members of the communities we serve.

We exhibit, in every circumstance, honesty and #INTEGRITY

• We do the right thing every time.
• We communicate with candor and sincerity.
• We adhere to the highest professional standards.

We persevere with #POSITIVITY

• We approach challenges with enthusiasm and optimism.
• We practice gratitude and appreciation while always assuming the best intentions.
• We maintain a fun work environment and strive to celebrate, inspire, and encourage others.
• We are passionate about achieving a healthy balance between work and personal life.


• We continuously reach forward with challenging goals, metrics, and expectations while actively supporting the achievement of those goals.
• We are innovative thinkers who embrace change and find opportunities within challenges.
• We hold ourselves, one another, and others accountable in a fair and friendly manner.
• We strive for clarity in all we do so our stakeholders can move forward with confidence.

We seek to continuously grow and improve with #HUMILITY

• We actively pursue learning and development to ensure our success is sustainable.
• We relentlessly search for better practices, methods, and ideas.
• We welcome diverse perspectives from our colleagues, knowing that the differences among us create more value than any single viewpoint.
• We seek out the facts and embrace the learning when the facts surprise us and challenge our assumptions.