We start with what's in your heart.

We start with what's in your heart.

Not what's in your bank account. It is your hopes and dreams that are our greatest assets. What's in your heart?

Small Business Solutions

With solutions to manage your cash, grow your business, borrow money, or plan your investments and insurance, we help you realize your hopes and dreams. Get more from your banking relationship.

We care about your financial future.

Our goal is to prepare you or your business for every stage of your financial life so you will be ready for all the things life could have in store. To do this, we offer access to investment and insurance services through Infinex Investments, Inc.

We welcome Barre Savings Bank to the family.

Barre Savings Bank is now Fidelity Bank. Two great banks have become one to benefit all of the clients, employees, and communities served by our newly combined institution. We are truly Better Together. If you are a Barre Savings Bank client, please visit our Merger page for important client information.