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No headache. No hassle.

Switch to a bank that cares in as little as 10 minutes.

With offices throughout Central and Eastern MA, there’s no reason not to switch to a bank that cares! Fidelity Bank’s ClickSWITCH makes it easy to instantly and automatically switch your automatic payments, direct deposits, and even close out your old account. It’s never been easier to switch all of your accounts to Fidelity Bank.

Simply visit a banking center to set up your new accounts. During account opening you will receive personal SwitchTRACK code, which will allow you to begin the quick process of switching to Fidelity Bank!
Have questions? Please reach out to us.

We are the bank that truly cares.

We have made a promise to our clients to be smart friends, helping them get where they want to be. Through our caring team of experts, we guide clients with a thoughtful approach that results in delivering real financial solutions. Sitting side by side, we work together helping clients make better and more informed financial decisions for themselves, their families and their businesses.

We call this our unique LifeDesign Banking approach.

This promise to care guides all that we do, and it is what separates us from every other financial institution. Is it time to switch to a bank that cares?


Follow These Steps to Start your SWITCH to Fidelity Bank

  1. Visit a Banking Center or call 800.581.5363 to get your personal SwitchTRACK code
  2. Go online and use your personal SwitchTRACK code at
  3. Set up your user name and password
  4. Gather the information for your existing automated payments and direct deposits to be switched to your Fidelity Bank account
  5. Easily transfer automatic payments, direct deposits, and close old accounts
  6. Submit each switch and ClickSWITCH takes care of the rest by generating and sending forms to your old financial institution and direct deposit sources

ClickSWITCH Tools to Make Your Switch Hassle Free

Switch Status
Track and see confirmation when your account has been switched to Fidelity Bank.

Switch Summary
View the progress and details of your requested switches.

Balance Assist
Advises you on approximately how much money to keep in your old account until the switch to Fidelity Bank is complete.  We suggest that you keep your old account open for 30 days to allow time for the switch to be confirmed and for the checks and automated payments to clear.

Account Closure
Easily initiate closure for previous external accounts once the switch process is complete.

Click here to begin your easy SWITCH today!