Our commitment to

Inclusion & Diversity

If you value the differences in people, the differences will create value.

Since 2008, this message has held a prominent place in our boardroom. It’s a message that inspires us every day to build a dynamic and vibrant culture — one where our differences are celebrated, inclusion and equity are valued, and where all are welcomed, seen and heard.

At Fidelity Bank, we treat people with care and respect. After all, Care has long been one of our most important guiding principles and integral to our LifeDesign Banking approach. Our culture of fostering, cultivating, and preserving diversity and inclusion is evident throughout our organization.

It’s not just what we do. It is who we are.

Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Board and Council

Our Chairman and CEO Edward F. Manzi Jr. was instrumental in the creation of the Fidelity Bank Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Board. The Advisory Board provides guidance and leadership for our Inclusion & Diversity Council, which is comprised of passionate Fidelity Bank colleagues who wish to channel their passion for diversity and inclusion into strategies and programs which support the Bank’s commitment in this area.

Responsible for building and sharing knowledge, the Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board provides a wide range of educational content, programs, activities, celebrations and best practices including:

  • Programs to increase our colleagues’ awareness of the value diversity brings to our workplace and the broader world

  • Roundtable discussions where colleagues are comfortable sharing their unique perspectives and experiences

  • Learning events for both managers and colleagues that promote a culture of inclusivity

Our Mission

Our mission statement declares our commitment to being a caring corporate citizen, cultivating and sustaining a culture that celebrates our differences and promotes inclusion and equality.

We embrace and respect our employees’ differences in age, race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and veteran status, and we strongly and vocally oppose racism and social injustice in any form.

Our practices and policies, from recruitment and hiring, compensation, and professional development, through vendor and partnership selection, reflect our uncompromising commitment to ensuring equity for all.

Entrepreneurship for All

In our communities, inclusion and diversity inspires and informs everything we do. Our support for Entrepreneurship for All has helped the organization expand their services in Worcester and North Central Massachusetts.

Beyond a simple financial commitment, we partner with them to engage businesses owned by people of color, women, immigrants, and those who were previously unemployed. We are confident this partnership will provide new business opportunities and ongoing support to a diverse group of entrepreneurs.

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