Fidelity Bank Gives Awards to Employees Who Exemplify the Bank’s Values of Doing Right by Clients, Colleagues and Communities

Published: August 20, 2020

Several Fidelity Bank employees were virtually honored by Fidelity Bank for their contributions during a year that has been unlike any other due to COVID-19. “It is a pleasure to recognize the contributions of our caring colleagues,” says Ed Manzi Jr., Fidelity Bank Chairman and CEO. “I am inspired by how our honorees have risen to the challenges they face.” The annual awards recognize Fidelity Bank role models who exemplify the bank’s caring culture and LifeDesign approach of providing the clarity needed to help clients make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.  The awards had to be given out virtually instead of at an in-person ceremony because of the pandemic.

Mission Accomplished awards were given to Sally Buffum and Damian Scott.

Fidelity Bank Senior Vice President, Business Banking Officer Sally Buffum of Dudley received the bank’s client-facing Mission Accomplished award in recognition of having what bank officials say is the biggest production year ever in the history of the bank, closing more than $40 million in new loans. Her clients embrace her.  She represents Fidelity Bank well in the community. Bank officials also cited Buffum for her leadership role in the bank’s response to the COVID-19 crisis by preparing care packages for women at the YWCA in Worcester, as well as her work with the March of Dimes.

Damian Scott of Leominster was given the Mission Accomplished award representing the support departments of the bank. Scott is an IT Technician for the bank. Scott was cited for leading the effort to deploy the remote workforce when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, building processes to save the Operations team the time in delivering new forms to all Branches,  creating processes to reduce paper and increase the bank’s electronic documentation, and moving the bank from Windows 7 to Windows 10. He is described as unfailingly pleasant and a team player who is always available.

Role Model awards were given to employees who personify Fidelity Bank’s five guiding values of treating everyone with care and respect, making sound and ethical professional decisions, pursuing excellence, being committed to continuous learning and improvement and maintaining a positive and fun work environment. 

Dan Ramos of Baldwinville received the bank’s Role Model award for personifying the bank’s guiding value of Treating Everyone with Care and Respect. Ramos is Facilities Manager for Fidelity Bank, which makes him a department of one. No matter the season, Ramos is there with a smile to fix air conditioning units and boilers to keep his colleagues comfortable. He was also instrumental in helping the SHINE Initiative set up their new office in Worcester.

Brittany Roberge of Rutland was recognized for Making Sound and Ethical Professional Decisions. Roberge is Operations Coordinator. She uses all the tools and information she has at her disposal to take on the difficult job of handling debit card fraud claims. Roberge was praised for providing comfort and support to clients at a time when they feel unsettled and vulnerable, so they can have the clarity to make decisions with confidence.
Alexandria Morrissey of Hubbardston was honored for Pursuing Excellence. Morrissey is the Assistant Branch Manager in the bank’s Gardner full-service office.  Morrissey is described as having a relentless commitment to executing details and being thorough as she serves her clients. One example was given where her scrutiny of a client’s records uncovered more than $10,000 in unauthorized charges. Another example was when a senior officer at another financial institution praised her for her help resolving an issue for a mutual client.

Phillis Johnson of Gardner was honored for exemplifying the bank’s guiding principal of pursuing Continuous Learning and Improvement. Johnson is a Compliance/BSA Coordinator for Fidelity Bank. Bank officials say she adapted quickly after joining the bank through a merger in 2018. Since then she has become the record keeper of the Bank’s compliance learning system and helps keep people on track with their own required individual learning roadmap.

Ridge Markeseines of Winchendon was recognized for Maintaining a Positive and Fun Work Environment. Markeseines is a personal banker in Fidelity Bank’s Gardner full-service office. His colleagues and clients say he is a bright spot no matter what the situation who has good cheer that is contagious. One example was when he dressed up in a Miss Piggy costume for the Chair Luge event at the 2019 Gardner Fall Festival.