Fidelity Bank donates two new freezers, food to Ginny’s Helping Hands

LEOMINSTER — Colleagues from Fidelity Bank visited Ginny’s Helping Hands and Food Pantry, located at 52 Mechanic St. in Leominster, on Thursday, March 16 to reveal the donation of two new freezers in addition to a delivery of frozen meats, fruits and vegetables to stock the freezers.

In February, Fidelity Bank learned Ginny’s Helping Hands and Food Pantry was in urgent need of two freezers to store frozen food, which would offer more food options for guests.

“Through the LifeDesign Community Dividend, we are able to support programs and services that improve the quality of life of our clients, communities and colleagues,” said Ed Manzi Jr., chairman and CEO, Fidelity Bank. “When we learned of this need at Ginny’s, we wanted to help them obtain the freezers as quickly as possible to serve their guests. Today, we are happy to see the freezers have arrived and we are honored to be the first to fully stock the freezers with food for our community.”

Founded in 1978 by Ginny White, Ginny’s Helping Hands and Food Pantry supports thousands of people in North Central Massachusetts every month by providing fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable groceries that come from scores of partners and supporters. The organization also provides a thrift store with very affordable prices to help those who may need clothes.

“Our staff and volunteers are committed to providing healthy food to every guest who comes through the door,” said Brandon Robbins, executive director, Ginny’s Helping Hands and Food Pantry. “With this donation, our guests will have access to food options that encourage a healthier lifestyle while also proving that when people come together, they can make a significant impact in their communities.”

Both organizations plan to continue their engagement through volunteering programs with Fidelity Bank colleagues.