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Borrowing Solutions

From buying a home to purchasing a new car, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to need financial help in achieving your goals. We have a wide variety of borrowing solutions that are designed to meet those goals. So you’ll feel comfortable in knowing we have your best interests at heart.

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Personal Loans
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Contact one of our Home Loan Specialists today to learn how we can help you:

Jamieson C. Burgoyne Home Loan Specialist
Jamie C. Burgoyne, VP
NMLS# 50138
Direct: 978.353.2584
Fax: 888.768.5033

Brenda Lockhart-LeBlanc
Brenda Lockhart-LeBlanc, VP
NMLS# 785524
Direct: 978.870.1334
Fax: 888.233.7479

Rick Vallee Home Loan Specialist
Rick Vallee, VP
NMLS# 785523
Direct: 978.353.2473
Fax: 888.761.8570

Renee Letendre Home Loan Specialist
Renee Letendre
Barre, Gardner, Princeton
NMLS# 527612
Direct: 978.355.4136
Fax: 978.355.4423

Courtney Gatta Home Loan Specialist
Courtney Gatta
Millbury, Worcester, Paxton
NMLS# 1597645
Direct: 978.514.5560
Fax: 978.383.2591