Mobile App Account Deletion Request

The Google Play Store now requires Fidelity Bank to offer our customers the ability to request the removal of their app accounts and any associated data. This is part of recent compliance updates from Google and Apple focusing on user privacy and data safety.

How to Request Account Removal:

If you would like to request the removal of your Fidelity Bank app account and related data, please follow these steps:

  • Send an Email Request: Email us at [email protected].
  • Subject Line: Type “Remove App Account”.
  • Provide Contact Information: Include a phone number where we can reach you.

Next Steps:

One of our representatives will contact you to confirm the request and initiate the process.

Upon confirmation, Fidelity Bank will delete all associated data held in our digital and internet banking system. This data will no longer be accessible or available to any party.

Please note, your accounts will remain active, and your account transaction history will stay in our main system as long as your accounts are open. However, all Internet and Mobile Banking data will be deleted.

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