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Marc Brovender

NMLS# 31851

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Home Loan Specialist

Marc Borvender
After twenty-five years of childhood, school, and skiing for a living, I began my career in the mortgage
field in 1982. Since then I have performed almost every function in the industry from loan processing to
underwriting and closing, wholesale and retail, sales and origination. The constant throughout has been
my ability to help individuals achieve their dream of home ownership, solving problems both simple and
complex in order to let each prospective or current homeowner arrive at the financial solution that best
meets their needs and circumstances.

I am married with twin sons born in 1999. When not helping homebuyers, current homeowners, and
realtors with their mortgage issues, I enjoy playing hockey, skiing without pay, hiking with our two dogs
Roscoe and Chance, turning a wrench on an old car, and watching any Western or foreign movie I can
find (much to my wife Mary’s chagrin).

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