Caring Connects Us All – A Holiday Message from our CEO

Published: December 21, 2018

Not long ago, I heard about a Fidelity Bank business client who confided in her LifeDesign banker. The worry? Her family had been blindsided by news that a loved one had a devastating illness requiring expensive daily care.

In a heartbeat, the meeting found new purpose—from caring about the health and welfare of the client’s business to caring about the health and welfare of the client’s family.

With this new purpose in mind, the banker was able to restructure the client’s balance sheet to free up cash that could be redirected to healthcare, an option that gave the client much relief.

What struck me about this interaction is how quickly the discussion pivoted from dollars and cents to care and compassion. That’s how it should be.

In a holiday season filled with cards and carols, it’s only natural to reflect on what caring truly means.

We all care about the same big things: family, health, security. On many levels, caring truly does connect us all. That’s why we embed caring so deeply in Fidelity Bank’s LifeDesign promise: Caring people, with a caring approach, working to provide caring solutions.

Caring—nurturing human connections—is why we’re all here. For us, that means caring deeply about our employees and communities, while seeing our clients as more than just accounts.

Daily, we remind ourselves to care as much as our clients—about their homes, their education, their dreams, their retirement, their business. About the things that really matter. Because these are the things that bind us all together.

Happy holidays! May the new year bring you many opportunities for caring connections.

Ed Manzi Jr.
Chairman & CEO