Clarity. Confidence.

What is LifeDesign?

Life is full of complexity. We believe your bank should help, not add to it.

It’s easy to feel like all banks are the same, but what if a bank actually cared?

It could do more than just save you a few dollars a month. It would help you understand your options and trust your decisions.

Fidelity Bank is the bank that cares.

Whether you're running a business, a household, or both, all of our financial decisions make a difference.

Our LifeDesign approach gives you the clarity you need to make sound financial decisions, so you feel confident knowing you’re getting where you want to be.

Our four-step C.A.R.E. process is how we deliver on this unique LifeDesign Banking Approach.  We start with understanding where you are, where you want to go, and prescribe the right solutions to get you there. For our clients this is ultimately the difference between being sold financial products and getting the help you need to implement life solutions.


Connect > Analyze > Recommend > Execute 


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