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Our LifeDesign Difference

LifeDesign isn't just a tagline. It permeates everything we do, and it is what separates us from every other financial institution. It is a process, philosophy, and most importantly a promise, that guides all that we do. A promise we make to our clients, employees, and our communities, to be trusted friends who care about their well-being and use our hearts and our smarts to help them get where they want to be.


More Than Just Solutions For Banking…Solutions For Living

While other financial institutions just help people with their banking, we help people discover financial solutions that create better lives both now and for the future. We take a far more important and holistic approach that always does right by our clients, our employees, and our community. This is our philosophy. We call it LifeDesign. You can find it in everything we do.

We Start And End With People

LifeDesign is the starting point for every great relationship. Even though we are a bank, with all the rules and regulations, we stay focused on the individual’s needs and wants, not just policies and programs. Because while the economy is ever-changing, while interest rates fluctuate, the need to feel heard, connected, and understood is eternally present in all of us. It has always been there and it always will be there. So will LifeDesign.

We Are There When Life Happens

Banks have traditionally been there for clients during landmark moments. From getting a family their first home, to helping a client start that new business. Sure we do that well. But it is just as important for us to be there through all life's messy moments, too. Whether it’s needing a new roof, a credit line, or dealing with an emergency, we answer everyday banking needs with real solutions. That’s the difference between selling financial products and implementing life solutions. This gives our clients the one thing you can’t put a price on, peace of mind.

Leading With Our Hearts…And Smarts

LifeDesign inspires everything we do. Take our branch staffing model, for example. It is significantly different from the industry norm. Each branch is assigned a team made up of experts in each line of business. While their disciplines are different, they all have a heart. And we train them to lead with it. Because doing the right thing, is the right thing. So they take the same approach, our LifeDesign 5-step Process, to understand a client’s wants, not just their needs. It is all in the name of caring for our clients and doing more than just banking.

Doing Good Is Just Good Business

Our contributions to the communities we live and work in are something we take very seriously. Through programs, service, and financial contributions, we work hard to ensure they are a strong and secure foundation for us all. When a business does right by people a funny thing happens. Everybody wins. It’s a virtuous cycle and it happens when we focus on people, not profits. We live and we bank by this simple principle. The idea that businesses do well, when they do good, creates a brighter today and tomorrow for everyone involved. It’s a win, win, win. Who doesn’t like that?

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